Know how you start reading one Wikipedia article, click on a link, and end up several links deep? This effect is well-known, and has become of enough interest that the Wikimedia foundation has started releasing (anonymized) data around the phenomenon (more information here)

The problem with Wikipedia, xkcd 214

In the wake of the interest, I thought I’d make a tool to navigate it.

 Go to Wikipedia Clickstream Navigator

How to use the Navigator

Clickstream Navigator

In this case, we’re visualizing the article for Space.  The red wedges on the left represent articles people were reading before getting to the Space article. The size of the wedges represent how many people were visiting that page before coming to Space. In this case, the greatest number of people were reading Universe before getting to Space.

Similarly, the wedges on the right represent what people navigated to after the article shown. In this case, most people clicked on the link to Outer space.

The intensity of the color of the wedges shows how popular that given page was overall that month. Hovering over the wedge also shows the wedge’s overall popularity.

Finally, you can simulate the clickstream by clicking on the left or right wedges.  Happy exploring!

Note: this is static data from May 2016. I’ll update depending on interest.

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