Welcome to Procedurally Generated.

What’s on this site?

You’ll find original data journalism and data visualization pieces, along with tutorials and applications of existing AI and Machine Learning techniques.


Information-processing technology improves faster than our ability to understand it, and understand its implications. Those of us that are interested can look into the math and algorithms behind it, but even then, for us to really start imagining what it means for us in our daily lives, we need it to be presented in a more tangible, visceral way.

That’s what this site attempts to do.

Is this site actually procedurally generated?

No, it’s just a name. The site is, ironically (for the time being) human-curated.

Who does the data crunching?

Procedurally Generated is run and curated by Nimish G├ątam of datastrategy.se.

What is Data Strategy?

Data Strategy NG AB is the Swedish consulting company behind this blog.

Abstraction of how people see computer knowledge (Photo by Markus Spiske)